About Us

Our mission at Rea of Light is to give hope to high functioning Asperger teens and to prevent severe depression and/or suicide. We are here to help everyone in a childs life who is affected by Aspergers. We seek to inform parents, friends, teachers, doctors, and counselors of the signs and symptoms. To give hope to high functioning Asperger teens, and let them know they are not alone. 

David’s Story

“David, lunch is in the kitchen.” He was still in bed and it was going on 1:00 p.m., Saturday, February 19, 2011. No response, not even a budge. I walked closer to the bed and beckoned with a little more punctuation, “David!” His eyes did not even twitch. I leaned down and gently nudged him on the shoulder to arouse him from his deep sleep.


If you have a young child who you feel may be submitting signs of abnormal or awkward test or procedure. Keeping an aware mind and interacting with your child on a regular basis is the only way to spot the possible signs of Autism behavior consult your family physician immediately. Autism is not detectable through any test or procedure.